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Is Oppenheimer a BOMB?! | Movie Review

August 6, 2023

by Tremain Hayhoe


GOD DOES NOT PLAY DICE This relates to Einstein’s reaction to the part of Nature described by Quantum Mechanics, which is undoubtedly one of the pillars of modern physics. He felt that natural laws could not be like the throw of dice, with inherent randomness or probability.

It’s also a line in OPPENHEIMER, written and directed by Christopher Nolan and stars Cillian Murphy, Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, Robert Downey Jr, Florence Pugh and a huge barrage of A-list actors at the top of their game.

The film Oppenheimer tells the story of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the physicist who led the Manhattan Project, the U.S. effort to develop the atomic bomb during World War II. The film follows Oppenheimer from his early days as a student at Harvard University to his work on the Manhattan Project and his eventual fall from grace after the war.

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The film begins with Oppenheimer as a young man, struggling with his faith and his place in the world. He is drawn to physics, but he is also troubled by the potential for science to be used for destructive purposes. When the United States enters World War II, Oppenheimer is recruited by General Leslie Groves, played by Matt Damon to lead the Manhattan Project.

Under Oppenheimer’s leadership, the Manhattan Project makes rapid progress. The scientists at Los Alamos, New Mexico, develop the atomic bomb in record time. The bomb is tested in the desert in July 1945, and it is used against Japan just days later.

The use of the atomic bomb brings Oppenheimer great personal turmoil. He is haunted by the knowledge that he has helped to create a weapon of mass destruction. He also becomes increasingly concerned about the future of nuclear weapons, and he speaks out against their proliferation.

In 1954, Oppenheimer is called before a Senate committee to testify about his past associations with communists. He is accused of being a security risk, and his security clearance is revoked. Oppenheimer is devastated by this, and he spends the rest of his life trying to come to terms with his role in the development of the atomic bomb.

The film Oppenheimer is a complex and thought-provoking portrait of a man who was both brilliant and flawed. It is a film that explores the moral and ethical implications of scientific progress, and it asks important questions about the future of nuclear weapons.

Here are some of the things that make the film Oppenheimer so good:

  • The film is beautifully shot, with stunning visuals that capture the grandeur of the desert and the power of the atomic bomb.
  • The performances are all excellent, with Cillian Murphy giving a tour-de-force performance as Oppenheimer.
  • The film is thought-provoking and challenging, and it asks important questions about the nature of science and the responsibility of scientists.

If you are interested in history, science, or the atomic bomb, then you should definitely see the film Oppenheimer. It is a powerful and moving film that will stay with you long after you have seen it. If you don’t like history, science, or the atomic bomb, you will probably be bored to tears waiting for something to actually happen and when it finally does, don’t worry, you still have at least an hour left of the movie. 

I saw the movie Oppenheimer in 70mm IMAX here in Sacramento California with my friend Todd, who also stars in my latest movie SIMP coming soon. 


This film is what happens when you give a filmmaker Carte Blanche, he’s a renown visionary filmmaker known for The Dark Knight, Inception, 


Every scene is either in th emiddle of something or starts at the end of something. For example Oppenheimer goes to see a professor and it’s right when the professor dismisses his class so the students are all walking out as Oppenheimer is walking in. 


The film is like a perpetual movie trailer where the stakes are always at a 10 and there’s no real time to slow down and talk. In the few times that there are, when Oppenheimer is talking to Einstein by the lake don’t get settled in too quick because there is more heightened dialogue to talk about. 


I can’t exactly say I knew what was going on in this film, I’d like to consider myself a sophisticated film goer and reviewer but it was hard to keep up even for me. The film explores 40 years of Oppenheimer’s life and imagine a highlight reel of 40 years happening in a span of 3 hours. 

3 hours seems like a long time, and it is, but when you take into consideration that it’s 40 years of his life it really isn’t. 


That being said, I wanted this film to end at the 2 hour mark, and if it did end at that time it would have been perfect. Instead the movie goes on to be a courtroom drama that really is repetitive and gets old after a while. As talented as Nolan is as a filmmaker and as great as a performance everyone gives, it may have been better suited as a Netflix Miniseries if he really wanted to delve deep into Oppenheimer’s life. Instead it’s a 3 hour long epic that is absolutely exhausting to watch. I LOVE going to the movies and being in the theater but I did not love sitting there watching long depositions and courtroom dramas that most of the time is set in a compact room.


Overall the film is definitely worth watching but with the runtime being what it is I may wait to watch it in the comfort of your own home where you can pause it, go to the bathroom, have drinks, etc. etc.


Nolan and everyone involved in the movie says it needs to be seen in the largest screen with the loudest sound as humanly possible, but I actually disagree with that. It can be seen at home on your TV and it may actually be a better experience.


I couldn’t wait to see the 70mm projection on the big screen but the film didn’t fit the whole screen at all times; when it did it looked great but that was probably only 15% of the movie. I left not impressed by the IMAX format as it is a dated format that has been overhyped for film afficianadoes. I watched this movie on a Wednesday morning and the theatre was packed. I love the fact that people are DYING to see a great film that isn’t a superhero movie, that isn’t a dumb fluff political piece like Barbie, it was a sophisticated audience that just simply wanted to see a great motion picture. I spoke with a few people after and they weren’t really impressed with the film as much either, as the hype was so much it’s definitely hard to live up to it. 


Overall I am happy that Christopher Nolan exists although I think the studio needs to bring the reigns on him a bit. This movie had the same problem that Beau is Afraid had, where Ari Aster was given carte blanche and therefore made a 3 hour long movie basically for himself. Nolan makes his movies for audiences and he wants to put you in the middle of these situations and conversations that helped change history, and it is important that people get to know who Oppenheimer was, or at least get a glimpse of who he was. 


The fact that they couldn’t rule out blowing up the entire world and that they still pushed the button anyway goes to show how far humanity will go….which seems to be way too far.


Overall it was a great film as I cannot say it was a bad film, but the length of it goes against it as the point of the movie was pretty clear 2 hours in. 


Emily Blunt was a standout in this performance as Oppenheimer’s wife and he was her 4th husband at the age of 29 which is wild.


Robert Downey Jr. gives probably the performance of his career, Kenneth Branagh is fantastic, Matt Damon is…Matt Damon but still fit the role really well. There was this russian guy that looking at I couldn’t help but laugh like what is this guy’s deal is he wearing makeup he looked like he was in an emo boy band from 2005 but still stuck in the 50’s.

Florence Pugh is great as the mistress and that has a lot of deep personal problems.


The film is rated R for graphic nudity and I felt like I get that why he did it but it wasn’t really necessary. I feel like it could have had a version without the nudity that would have given the film a PG-13 rating and it would have competed even better with Barbie. That’s just me being a big time movie studio mogul


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I give Oppenheimer an 8 out of 10.

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